Battery Packs

Do you want to be self sufficient on your next camping holiday?

With Performance Heavy Duty Battery Systems you can go anywhere!

We manufacture several types of heavy duty battery packs to suit all your needs. All are battery packs are made from the best materials possible. They come with a one year guarantee and an in car charging system. They are made with 6 BNS battery cable, 80 Amp solenoid and a 50 Amp Anderson plug to minimise voltage drop to the battery pack so you get the correct voltage for your battery.

Performance heavy duty portable battery packs can be used as a duel battery system in all vehicles, so you can run fridges, lights etc and will not flatten your main car battery. These packs are isolated from the main car battery with the charging kit that is supplied. These batteries can run a 40Lt compressor fridge for up to four days without charging.

These battery packs are so portable you can take camping or place in your caravan to run lights etc. They are also useful to jump start cars and trucks etc as they come with 100 Amp hour AGM battery that is rated to 780 CCA. Battery packs optional with inverters are able to run small electrical appliances such as hairdryers, drills and televisions etc.

You can also buy an optional 240 volt battery charger to fully charge your battery before use. An optional trailer kit is also available with Anderson plugs and heavy duty battery cable for charging your battery in your trailer while you are driving.

Battery packs come with mounting brackets and strap, to strap into vehicle so unit does not roll around an optional heavy duty metal cradle is available that can be bolted to vehicle.

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